It’s all around us and it seems to be the first answer to what we need—more data! We believe in the power of data-informed decisions to improve operations and reduce costs. Digitalization will change how we do business now and in the future, but it can be overwhelming when thinking about the scale, scope, and reach of data in our business operations. When discussing how data will transform your operations, it is important to understand what data is needed.

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Software should be intuitive and designed with the user in mind. Though a properly designed software will reduce the amount of training needed, software still requires some degree of training and different users will require different types of training. When purchasing software, consider the training program at the beginning. There are good ways and bad ways to train users on software, so start thinking and planning early.

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You can hire the best people in the country or in the world, but if you don’t provide your members with the proper tools to do their job, you severely limit their capacity and productivity. Software has become an important tool that all members of an organization use. When analyzing and visualizing equipment data, many organizations are left to wonder: should we build it or should we buy it?

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As we have access to more and more equipment sensor in plants, having a good data management structure is vital. By designing and implementing data management systems, we have seen a lot of tag names both good and bad. We’ve created some guidelines for tag names to follow so that you can rest assured that you have your tag name house in order.

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Studies show that the longer it takes to identify impending failures in equipment, the cost of repair also rises. These same studies show that predictive maintenance technology is more effective at detecting impending failures in the P-F curve. So, what should you know to best take advantage of PdM?

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The beginning of the year is also a great time for businesses to put resolutions in place that will improve operations, reduce costs, or lessen the risk of failures and subsequent downtime. Here are five that are very attainable.

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A critical component of any CMC is the software that gathers data and provides actionable intelligence. Performing thorough due diligence and finding the best fit for your organization is key.

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Optimizing plant operations is a goal that can often seem elusive to attain. We have determined five key elements that help plants achieve that elusive goal of optimization.

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