Visit us at booth #211 at the Big 10 & Friends Utility Conference! This year the event will be held in Austin, TX at The University of Texas – Austin.

This utility conference provides the university utilities community a platform to share their valuable expertise, helpful insights, and various experiences in the campus energy infrastructure space.

The theme for the Big 10 & Friends Utility Conference this year is “Shaping the Future. Sharing the Vision.” For more information about the event, visit the conference’s website here.

District Energy and HanAra

UT-Austin uses HanAra’s data management solution HanPrism and predictive maintenance solution HanPHI to turn its data into actionable intelligence.

HanPrism is a high-performing real-time data management solution that collects, archives, visualizes, and analyzes vast amounts of historical and real-time operational data. As an enterprise-wide data management system, HanPrism collects data from disparate sources in real-time. It then archives and manages highly complex and extensive data without data loss or interruption.

With archived and real-time data, HanPrism’s built-in visualization and analysis tools allow users to turn data into actionable intelligence. And by centralizing your data into one location, the big data enterprise solution allows for the entire organization to gain the same valuable insight more effectively. HanPrism enables various layers of the organization to actively collaborate and gain information anytime and anywhere for effective decision-making.

Our intelligent predictive-modeling and health-indexing technologies make HanPHI® a powerful solution that has significant benefits for system operations. The advanced pattern recognition software’s early warnings identify areas for predictive maintenance, reducing maintenance costs, unscheduled downtime, and equipment failures.

The insightful fault detection software helps make your assets more reliable and your operations run more effectively. With HanPHI, you can eliminate potential operational risks, extend equipment life cycles, and increase asset reliability, efficiency, and safety all within a limited budget.