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HanAra Success Stories

Safe and Efficient Plant Operation with HanPHI

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Safety and Efficiency KHNP is the largest Korean electric power company, generating approximately 31.5% of the total generated electric power in Korea. KHNP operates 82 units that include thermal, solar, hydro, geothermal, bio, and hydrogen power plants. These plants [...]

Delivering Actionable Intelligence at KOEN

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Delivering Actionable Intelligence Through Data Management and Collaboration with HanPrism Korea South-East Power Company (KOEN) focuses on providing a stable and economical power supply to South Korea. To foster the nation’s innovation and growth, KOEN operates with three guiding [...]

Optimizing Operational Efficiency with Microgrid Data

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The University of Texas at Austin campus operates one of North America’s largest and most innovative campus energy plants. The Carl J. Eckhardt Complex includes a combined heat and power (CHP) plant with a 135-MW power capacity that provides [...]

Improved Security for Korea Gas with HanPrism

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Safety and Efficiency As Korea’s sole liquefied natural gas (LNG) provider, Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) safely distributes natural gas to 17 power plants and city gas companies nationwide, including 17,491 households in 207 districts. KOGAS operates four production facilities [...]

Data-Informed Management at a Waste Treatment Plant

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When data is distributed across a system, integrating the data into a centralized data system can improve data usage and insights. If you’re implementing a data platform at your site, here is the journey a waste treatment plant took [...]

Improved Facility Monitoring through Fault Detection

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A large chemical organization uses HanPHI to detect hidden and potential failures and prioritize maintenance to avoid unplanned shutdowns. Before HanPHI, the organization was looking for predictive maintenance software to improve productivity and production by leveraging equipment sensor data [...]

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