Happy Members – Happy Customers – Happy Company

Continuous Learners

At HanAra, we are about solutions and continuous learners.  The difference between today and the future for HanAra lies in our ability to connect innovative solutions with expertise and customer care. As a result, HanAra helps clients achieve operational excellence by transforming data into actionable intelligence that helps improve plant operations and efficiently utilize resources.

Client Success Is Our Success

First, we are accountable to the success of our clients.

Our People and Culture

Second, HanAra creates an environment where members have challenging work, have the tools to succeed, and have the opportunity to grow professionally. So we recruit life-long learners who care. Because at HanAra, it is not enough to be knowledgeable in the industry, we must have a foundation of continuous learners.

Listen and Serve

Finally, our value to clients lasts far beyond implementation. It’s in how we truly understand and provide solutions that address our clients’ needs, the challenges they face in achieving operational goals, and the problems they are trying to solve. And we focus on our ability to connect innovative solutions with expertise and customer care and are looking for problem solvers to join our team. Therefore, if you believe in the power of advanced pattern recognition and machine learning, in the value of helping others, and in the importance of doing the undoable, please apply.

Here are some of the reasons why our members enjoy working for HanAra:

Sarah Kline, the General Manager, says she is excited to come to work everyday. What excites her most about our company is the fact that we are building something as a team. Something that has a benefit for our and potential customers, but which also benefits society in general.

Our Sales Manager, Joe Rispoli, wanted to join HanAra because he believes in the software noting it as a unique product with a lot of potential. “When you sell something, you have to believe it’s the best,” he adds, “for what the products offer, we are the best.” He knows when it comes to emerging competition, you have to stay innovative, and HanAra does just that.

Antonia Hansen, the Operations Coordinator, is most passionate about helping others, which is just one of the many things she has in common with HanAra. Knowing that her work will lead to increasing the safety of and betterment of other’s lives keeps her going through the day. She also enjoys the motivating and supportive culture which HanAra Software fosters, helping to increase goal achievement.

Lastly, our Enterprise Sales Representative, Kevin Aaron, wanted to join the team because we are a smaller company with a vision and goals similar to his own, both personal and professional goals. Specifically, the betterment of our community and giving back to it. He appreciates the community involvement which the company strives to incorporate into every quarter.

If you’re interested in learning more about who we are or what we do, check out our LinkedIn page.