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When your software is this smart and this easy to work with, you’ll want to give it its own seat at the decision-making table. HanAra data management solutions produce secure, reliable information that is fast and easy to interpret. The result is data-driven decision making and a smooth-running operation.

HanAra data management solutions solve many of the data centralization and visualization challenges you face by transforming your data into intelligence, and providing easy access when you need it, where you need it, and how you need it. Free yourself from the delays and uncertainty caused by systems that aren’t connected, limit historical data, or are just too slow for today’s needs.

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“With the implementation of HanPHI, we now have usable data.
Without manual calculations and long hours, we have the ability
for deep insight into all of our systems, which allows us to
optimize our efficiency.”

– Juan Ontiveros
Associate Vice President
Utilities, Energy & Facilities Management

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We keep security top of mind, so you don’t have to. Our solutions are designed to be secure in a super-connected digital environment while meeting compliance and regulatory requirements of many industries. This allows you to focus attention and resources to other areas of your operation, all while your data stays safe. With your organization’s safety in mind, we allow overall data communication out, but nothing flows back in. Additionally, data is secured via binary file storage, and readable only through HanAra software.

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An HMI solution for safe and efficient equipment control and monitoring which provides an optimal control environment. By helping users recognize their equipment status quickly and accurately, our customers control and monitor equipment with a stable and efficient system.

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