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HanAra Improves Your Operation

By combining deep industry knowledge with innovative technology, HanAra products and service provide integrated data management and predictive analytics to form a highly efficient total process solution. Our advanced technology aligned with comprehensive customer care programs transform our customers’ ventures into models of operational excellence.


Power Generation

Effective decision-making and prioritization of maintenance requires centralized monitoring and actionable intelligence to effectively reduce operating costs.

District Heating & Cooling

When your system fails, an entire community is affected. HanAra solutions provide actionable intelligence to maintain reliable operation.

Oil & Gas

Constant vision into the health status of equipment and early warnings of potential failures increase overall safety and reduce unexpected downtime.


In environments where downtime equals lost revenue, actionable intelligence is your best weapon to maintain consistent levels of production quality and accuracy.


When equipment is scattered far and wide, you need a tool that provides vision into the status of all parts at a centralized location, all at once.


In rapidly evolving environments, data access and analysis are paramount to managing costs and optimizing output.

Water & Wastewater

High O&M costs are reduced when you know whether equipment parts need replacing or just repair. HanAra software provides that knowledge.

Mining & Minerals

When managing highly commoditized resources, rapid insight into production costs leads to improved productivity and increased margins.


Data Infrastructure

Industrial Big Data Infrastructure for Data Integration and Analytics

Because large amounts of data generated from various facilities are collected in real-time and integrated and stored, users can acquire/analyze/share necessary information anytime, anywhere to take necessary actions at the right time.

  • Plant operator using a data historian
  • Advanced pattern recognition solution
  • Predictive maintenance in a P-F curve

Predictive Analytics

Device failure prediction solution for predictive maintenance

Machine learning technology can be used to proactively detect and act on failures to prepare for risks and reduce costs.

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Protecting your assets does not have to be expensive—our cost-effective solutions fit your budget and provide value to you and your organization from day one 

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Thinking outside of the box to provide you with solutions that work out of the box—our turnkey solutions and services help our customers, now and in the future 


Protecting critical assets for over 20 years with dedicated experts across the globe who support you every step of the way

With over 20+ years of experience in the global process industry, we have partnered with many organizations to share expertise and create win-win benefits. Here is a brief view of our solutions that have been proven to help organizations achieve operational excellence: HanAra Software Inc. Brochure

Arial view of the UT Austin campus


UT Austin Discovers Excellence with HanPHI

By implementing predictive maintenance, UT Austin takes the random out of the equation. Rather than relying on solely preventive or reactive maintenance, UT Austin wanted access to more actionable intelligence to identify equipment failures in advance.

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Advantages of Employing Predictive Maintenance

Studies show that the longer it takes to identify impending failures in equipment, the cost of repair also rises and the downtime is extended. These studies also show that predictive maintenance technology is more effective at detecting impending failure in equipment sooner in the P-F curve. So, what are the things you should know to best take advantage of PdM?

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HanAra Releases HanHMI into the North American Market

HanAra Software has added HanHMI, a DCS-HMI solution, to its software suite. HanHMI will enable organizations to improve the stability and efficiency of plant operations beyond current capabilities of existing HMIs.

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