HanAra Keeps Your Data Safe

We keep security top of mind. Our solutions are designed to be secure in a super-connected digital environment while meeting compliance and regulatory requirements of many industries. This allows you to focus attention and resources to other areas of your operation, while your data stays safe.

User Access

Provide the right people with access to data at the right time.

  • Assign user privileges to limit data access based on need.
  • Limit data manipulation to assigned personnel.

Leverage user permissions and Microsoft Active Directory. Benefits include:

  • Determine the authentication services, passwords, and group security policy objects by your system.
  • Have a single sign-on for users.
  • Enforce group policies and manage user permissions related to create/read/update/delete (CRUD) data.

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Data Protection

Monitor plants and equipment knowing data is secured. Protect your data and system with proven security measures. HanAra solutions:

  • Protect data via key signed and certification verified data encryption and user authentication.
  • Security algorithms include certificates, session key exchanges, data encryption, and signatures.
  • Secure data via binary files that are only readable by HanAra software.
  • Provide a physically unidirectional network that ensures no commands flow back in.

Data Integrity

Ensure the needed data is ready and reflects operations. Safeguard your data from unwanted loss, changes, or modifications. With HanAra, you will be able to:

  • Buffer data in the Gateway when there are network connections to eliminate data loss.
  • Easily audit data with HanAra software clients.
  • Review diagnostics and logs, including alarms, alerts, and notifications.

What data access concerns are keeping you from fully leveraging data? Let us show you the answers.

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