Real-Time Analysis for Real-World Problem Solving

Data has potential, but it is useless unless it is accessible, meaningful, and accurate. The discrete and process industries have access to vast amounts of data and the amount will only increase in the coming years. To take advantage of its potential, leverage our data accessibility solutions to improve operations, and foster a data-informed organizational culture. With built-in analytics and collaboration tools, all layers of the organization can use data to increase plant reliability and availability and to inform the decision-making process.

Easily Accessible Data

  • See a decade’s worth of data displayed in a matter of seconds.
  • Alarm tracking that records all events and notifies all levels of the organization.
  • Compare data over different time periods or different sensors for greater insight into the current status.

Manage Data Efficiently and Without Loss

  • Increase operational speed through a data storage method that saves informative changes not every value.
  • Memory storage provides easy future knowledge sharing.
  • Leverage multiple communication protocols to access and store data.

Customizable Reports Made Easy

  • Built-in analysis tools that are simple to use.
  • See only the data you need to see on a customized dashboard.
  • Use report templates to streamline your process.

Comprehensive View

  • Centralized server compiles data from disparate sources, including remote locations and outside systems.
  • Easily maintain 10+ years of archived data.
  • See data through intuitive user interfaces and mimics.

Access Anywhere

  • View the same information on computers throughout the organization.
  • Mobile access allows availability to data regardless of location.

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