Imagine Equipment That Can Raise It’s Hand When It Doesn’t Feel Well

89% of Asset Failures are Random

This means that time-based strategies are inadequate at addressing all potential and hidden failures. Though preventive and corrective maintenance will still play a role in your maintenance strategy, smart predictive maintenance takes guessing out of the equation. Through our solutions, HanAra helps you avoid many of the pitfalls associated with time-based maintenance strategies.

Benefits you’ll enjoy with smart predictive maintenance services:

Asset Health Index

  • An easy-to-follow health index provides facility-wide visualization to the sensor level.
  • Current status data based on the real-time condition of equipment, not averages or manufacturing specs.
  • User-friendly reports generated through advanced pattern recognition software.

Advanced Knowledge

  • An extensive view of your facility with every interaction taken into account.
  • Anomaly detection and sensor failure alerts.
  • Condition-based monitoring with root cause analysis through the SuccessTree feature.

Break Through the Limitations

Productivity and efficiency are optimized when you decrease failures and downtime after implementation. At HanAra, we bring together asset monitoring, machine learning, and historical data to give you the knowledge needed to operate at peak efficiency. With our solutions, unnecessary maintenance is a thing of the past, which immediately decreases repair costs and downtime of assets.

Learn how our products help you implement smart predictive maintenance.

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