Data management solutions collect, integrate, store, and manage data in real-time. This allows users to turn data into useful information by accessing data when, where, and how it is needed. This enables organizations to gain insight into plant operations, make enterprise-wide decisions for efficient operation, and create the foundation of a smart factory.

The Need for a Big Data Infrastructure for Smart Factories

1. Strengthened Corporate Competitiveness

  • A big data infrastructure collects, processes, and visualizes data sent from across the facilities regardless of the equipment type or manufacturer.
  • Organizations can use the insights gained through this data infrastructure to respond to rapidly changing operations and environments.
  • By knowing the status and being able to respond in real-time, organizations can save time, energy, and resources, which impacts an organization’s bottom line and strengthens their corporate competitiveness.

2. Efficient Equipment Management

  • To increase facility efficiency and production volume, organizations need a system capable of detecting problems 24/7 by continuously monitoring equipment.
  • Data management platforms provide the basis for efficient equipment management by continuously transmitting equipment data in real-time for improved analysis.
  • By connecting this stream of centralized data to advanced analysis tools, organizations improve equipment management and reduce costs by identifying equipment anomalies in advance.

3. Data-Informed Decision-Making

  • When utilizing a big data infrastructure, organizations collect and analyze equipment data in real-time.
  • This stream of real-time data becomes meaningful when users and decision-makers have access to insights to make optimal decisions for efficient plant operation.
  • Data management solutions provide an environment where all members can collaborate and share the same data when needed.

Our Integrated Big Data Management Solution: HanPrism

HanPrism collects big data from various data collection devices in real-time through an RTDB (real-time database) and converts the data into valuable information. As a data infrastructure, our solution delivers information when it is needed, to the users who need it, and in the form needed. Our historian also acts as a data hub to share real-time and historical data with other applications. The centralized server compiles data from disparate sources, including remote locations and outside systems, so you have a single source for insights. As a result, HanPrism helps you make the right decisions and provides insights to improve processes and reduce operating costs.

High-Powered Data Processing and High-Speed Data Retrieval

  • HanPrism handles large amounts of data without loss. It receives real-time data for 1 million tags every 1 millisecond without delay.
  • Users can build a smart factory data infrastructure based on their current environment with the ability to expand based on the needs of the organization.
  • HanPrism’s data storage and processing technology also allow users to quickly query data for longer durations and for multiple tags.
  • It retrieves data stored in the server at a very high speed regardless of the period or duration and displays it through intuitive visualizations within seconds
  • HanPrism’s proprietary technology and high-powered processing have been validated through customer use and software certifications.

Single Source of Information through Data Integration

  • HanPrism serves as a single source to access, receive, and analyze real-time equipment data in a simple and efficient way.
  • To simplify the process, HanAra offers a wide range of interfaces to fit your environment and infrastructure.
  • HanPrism supports the international standard protocol OPC UA/DA. And it communicates widely with automation systems (DCS, PLC, SCADA), MES, and resource planning (ERP) systems.
  • HanPrism also sends the necessary information to other third-party applications for additional analysis and management.

Accurate and Secure Data for Improved Analysis

  • HanPrism collects massive amounts of raw data and archives this data without omission or loss.
  • To prevent data loss in case of a network failure or sudden system stoppage, the HanPrism server has a redundant server option to ensure automatic data recovery.
  • HanPrism follows standard security requirements and provides one-way communication. This unidirectional approach between HanPrism and its data sources eliminates a cybersecurity risk as no controls flow back into the system.
  • Knowing the data is accurate and secure, users rest easy knowing their information is reliable, repeatable, and reportable. Combined with advanced analytics tools, organizations improve plant operations.

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