HanHMI: Secure and Precise Control and Monitoring

HanHMI helps you to accurately monitor plant operation data and safely control facilities. HanHMI fetches data from the control system at high resolution without delay and provides a control environment that enables quick and accurate understanding of plant conditions.

Enhance Plant Safety

  1. Safe equipment operation with real-time monitoring and control
  2. Improve system availability with redundant networks and servers

Improve Operational Efficiency

  1. Optimal control with accurate operation status through high resolution and high speed data processing
  2. Flexible application to various industries
  • Chart Information
    • Real-Time Trend / Embedded Trend
    • Historian Trend
    • Bar Chart
    • X-Y Plot
    • Radar Display
  • Point Information
    • Point Viewer / Summary
    • Data Log Viewer
  • System Information
    • System status information
    • Controller information
    • Network information
  • Mimic Control
    • Control equipment with process flow diagram
    • Control by device mode
    • Device information display
  • Mimic Monitoring
    • Real-time data monitoring
    • Historical data monitoring
    • Memo for each symbol
    • Equipment maintenance status monitoring Graphic Editor
  • Manage Historian Data
    • HDSR Trend
    • HDSR File Viewer
    • HDSR Backup
    • HDSR Export
  • View Alarm
    • View real-time alarms(Alarm list/ Alarm tree)
    • View alarm reports
    • Filter alarms by priority or system
    • Export alarm as Excel
  • Control Alarm
    • Ack
    • Group ack
    • Page ack
    • Freeze
    • unfreeze
  • Administration
    • Add, delete, change database
    • Create script tag
    • Create and manage report
    • Authorize as user
  • Manage Group
    • Change point setting
    • Change Trend setting
    • Sensor setting
    • Output range / period setting function


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