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HanAra provides intelligent software solutions designed to empower excellence in your operations. Applied across multiple industries, our software solutions transform data into actionable intelligence that improves operations, utilizes resources more efficiently, and optimizes maintenance and safety. HanAra data solutions allow IT, operations, and engineering to work together and better enable everyone’s expertise to solve challenges.

With HanPrism, various layers of the organization actively collaborate and gain actionable intelligence anytime and anywhere for effective operation and analysis. This high-performing, real-time data management solution collects, archives, analyzes, and visualizes vast amounts of historical and real-time operational data throughout your enterprise.

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HanPHI, our patented intelligent software, learns, models, and analyzes data to provide actionable early warnings to operators, engineers, and managers before catastrophic failure occurs. By utilizing advanced machine learning to turn sensor data into a health index for predictive maintenance, guesswork is eliminated and your valuable assets are kept in optimal condition with impending failures identified days, weeks, or even months in advance.

HanPHI is unique in the market as the health index adds another layer of efficiency by weighting components within the system. When collecting data and analyzing anomalies at the component level, the team has a better view of what deviations are priorities or even critical. This granular level of visibility saves valuable resources in both personnel and maintenance costs. Instead of having to go to each piece of equipment individually and determine if an anomaly is occurring, HanPHI allows the equipment to raise its hand to say it’s sick.

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