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Building a Data-Informed Culture at ACE22 June 13, 2022


We're looking forward to presenting at the ACE22 Conference in San Antonio on Monday, June 13 at 10:50 am. Our session titled "Minimizing Equipment Failure Risk by Building a Data-Informed Culture" will take place during the International Council Session. Unknown equipment failure and unscheduled downtime create unnecessary risks for [...]

Visit Us at CampusEnergy2022 February 15-18, 2022


CampusEnergy2022 Come visit us at our booth at the conference put on by the International District Energy Association (IDEA) in Boston. Schedule an appointment or stop by to learn how campuses use our data historian and predictive analytics solutions. With our solutions, our customers improve operations and reduce unexpected [...]

Visit Us at the International Maintenance Conference December 14-16, 2021


Going to the International Maintenance Conference in December? Come visit with us during's International Maintenance Conference this December in Marco Island, Florida, connecting reliability and maintenance professionals across the industries. This is our first year at the conference and we will be sharing our expertise and experience during [...]

Visit Us at IDEA2021 September 27-29, 2021


Attending IDEA2021 in person or virtually? Come visit with us during IDEA's annual conference IDEA2021 that connects district energy experts and leaders across the United States and globe. This year's conference will take place in Austin, Texas, where HanAra is headquartered! We look forward to inviting other IDEA members [...]

Visit Us at HydroVision September 21-23, 2021


Attending HydroVision International in Spokane this year? Come visit our booth at HydroVision International this year in Spokane, Washington, September 21-23. This will be our first year exhibiting here and we look forward to connecting with hydro professionals from the United States and abroad. HanAra provides data historian and [...]

Visit Us at PowerGen Connect Virtual Summit June 7-11, 2021


Attending PowerGen Connect? Come visit with us during the virtual summit put on by PowerGen. Schedule an appointment to discuss how power generation organizations use our data historian and advanced pattern recognition solutions. With our help, power utilties improve operations and reduce unexpected equipment failure, unplanned maintenance, and outage [...]

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