AUSTIN, Texas – HanAra Software and its parent company BNF Technology continue to provide the process industry the necessary early warnings and alarm tools to help keep plants running smoothly and safely. With the addition of HanAlarm, an alarm management and annunciator display system, to its solution offerings, HanAra ensures its customers have the necessary lead time to plan and act before failure.

When a piece of equipment or process deviates from expectations in the process industry, it introduces operational, financial, and safety risks into the system. HanAlarm monitors all sensor signals and generates an alarm if the sensor value exceeds a pre-defined alarm setpoint. With HanAlarm, plants can monitor analog signal alarms, sequence of events, plant annunciation alarms, system status overview, and the diagnosis list. With HanAlarm, plants benefit from a clear view into their status through an integrated enterprise alarm management system.

HanPHI, Asset Performance Maintenance

Beyond setpoint alarms, HanAra provides dynamic early warnings of potential and hidden failures through HanPHI®. Organizations can combine their equipment data with advanced pattern recognition (APR) technology to reduce failures, protect their assets, and increase availability and reliability. With APR techniques, plants expand their maintenance strategy to include predictive maintenance. And plants receive early warnings of failures, increasing lead time to plan and implement.

HanPHI allows organizations to monitor the condition of all their equipment quickly. It helps identify anomalies across assets and provide early warnings of impending equipment failures days, weeks, or months in advance. This intelligent software learns, models, and analyzes data to provide actionable early warnings to plant operators, engineers, and managers before a catastrophic failure occurs.

Improved Equipment Intelligence

With improved actionable intelligence through integrated alarms and early warnings with HanAlarm and HanPHI, plants save time and reduce operation and maintenance costs. By taking advantage of intelligence provided by equipment data, organizations improve their overall operations. This in turn improves efficiency and optimizes decision-making.

About HanAra Software

HanAra connects industry knowledge with innovative technology to provide integrated data management and predictive maintenance solutions. Through the implementation of HanAra solutions, plants yield results including reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and ultimately improved plant safety. HanAra combines solutions with training and care programs to support clients every step of the way.

HanAra is the North American headquarters of South Korean-based BNF Technology. Since 2000, BNF has provided solutions to more than 250 units across two continents to help them achieve operational excellence.