AUSTIN, Texas – HanAra Software is the United States subsidiary of South Korean-based BNF Technology. BNF has selected Austin as its North American headquarters. HanAra Software provides data management and predictive analytics solutions for process plant management.

About BNF Technology

BNF Technology first launched its technology in the U.S. through a program with the IC² Institute in 2012. This program introduced the company to The University of Texas at Austin and the Carl J. Eckhardt Complex on campus, which became the company’s first U.S. client.

BNF launched HanAra in late 2016 to support the relationship with The University. Moreover, the choice was made to create an exploratory team for assessing North American opportunities.

“Through our relationship with the Carl J. Eckhardt Complex management team, we have had the opportunity to explore the North American market. We can also better understand the challenges faced by process plants throughout the region,” said Hojoon Seo, CEO and President of BNF Technology. “We discovered that our expertise and technology provide an innovative alternative to what is currently in the market.”

A New Start for HanAra Software

The decision to make Austin the permanent home of the North American headquarters was made in late 2017. Since then, HanAra has added sales, marketing, and engineering teams with plans to triple employee size in the U.S. over the next three years.

“The technology strength of this community as well as the Texas business and energy environment made the choice of Austin as our North American home an easy one. Austin provides lots of opportunities for our growth,” said Seo.

According to the Austin Chamber of Commerce, HanAra is the sixth South Korean company to have a location in Austin, including KoMiCo, NCSOFT, Samsung, Neosem Technology, and SK Hynix. Both KoMiCo and SK Hynix also have U.S. headquarters in Austin. Furthermore, they represent just a few foreign-owned companies with a U.S. or North American headquarters in Austin. In addition, of the 275 foreign-owned companies in the city, less than 17 percent represent that company’s U.S. or North American headquarters.