Come visit us at booth #25 at the CampusEnergy2019 conference.

We will also be presenting with The University of Texas-Austin during the Innovative Maintenance Strategies session on Thursday from 2:30 -3:00. Our presentation, “Using an Intelligent Predictive Maintenance Tool for Detecting & Predicting Equipment Failures at the University of Texas Austin.”

UT-Austin uses HanAra’s predictive maintenance solution HanPHI to turn its data into actionable intelligence. In 2018, UT-Austin expanded its predictive maintenance solution from its CHP into its chilling stations to receive early warnings of potential and hidden failures throughout the complex. By comparing real-time to expected values created by HanPHI’s models, UT-Austin views the health status of its plant, system, and equipment. As a result, UT-Austin experiences reduced unexpected equipment failure, unplanned maintenance, and outage time.