Come visit us at booth #25 at the CampusEnergy2019 conference. This year the event will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

We will also be presenting with The University of Texas-Austin during the Innovative Maintenance Strategies session at CampusEnergy2019 on Thursday from 2:30 – 3:00. Our presentation will be “Using an Intelligent Predictive Maintenance Tool for Detecting & Predicting Equipment Failures at the University of Texas Austin.”

UT-Austin uses HanAra’s predictive maintenance solution HanPHI to turn its data into actionable intelligence. In 2018, UT-Austin expanded its predictive maintenance solution from its CHP into its chilling stations. They did this to receive early warnings of potential and hidden failures throughout the complex. HanPHI works by comparing real-time to expected values created by HanPHI’s models. UT-Austin was then able to view the health status of its plant, system, and equipment at a glance. As a result, UT-Austin experiences reduced unexpected equipment failure, unplanned maintenance, and outage time.

About CampusEnergy2019

Here’s a short video from IDEA sharing what to expect at CampusEnergy:

“Attendees in the district energy, CHP, and microgrid industries” will enjoy “a top-notch technical program” and visit “120 companies in a bustling exhibit hall,” and additionally engage “in conversations that will shape the future of the industry.”

For more information about this event, visit the conference’s website here.