Connected Data and Connected Plants

Come say hi at the Connected Plant Conference February 25-27, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia to discuss connected data. Some of our members will participate at this conference, sharing our experience with systems and connected plants. Also, we look forward to learning more from industry and user experts.

With Industry 4.0, Smart Plants, and digitalization, we expect all layers of the organization to experience more and more connections. From the sensor level to the plant floor to headquarters, we will have access to an ocean of data. So, information and knowledge will be shared from the operators to the C suite. This is not a question of if but when. Therefore, plants and its leaders must start the conversation now and implement tools and processes to make the digital transformation a success. Tools like data historians, automated sensors, and predictive analytics will enable plants to achieve operational excellence. Come to the conference to learn more about our offerings or reach out to us directly. Because we want to share our experience and learn from yours.

What we have learned from working with our customers and attending digitalization conferences is that this is not a journey of one. It is a journey of end users, technology providers, and experts. It requires and will continue to require close partnerships and relationships among the players as this is not a one-size-fits-all journey. There are best practices and technology like advanced pattern recognition and data historian solutions that will make the journey easier. But it is up to the individual organization and its partners to create the path forward. Luckily, this is a path filled with potential and innovation. And we are happy to help organizations created connected data and connected plants.

What’s Next?

For more information, check out the conference website. And don’t forget to check out who we are and some of the other events will be attending this year.