Anyone else surprised that half of 2020 has already flown by? The pandemic has come and caught many by surprise. Maybe another surprise is that you are just as productive working remotely as in the office! Or maybe you are surprised by how much you need and miss in-person collaboration.

Regardless of your industry, you have made significant changes in the last few months to overcome these surprises. As we go into the second half of 2020, the time has come to put the creative thinking caps on and continue to be innovative and creative while working or collaborating remotely!

Creative Solutions for Remote Projects

  1. Online or remote learning opportunities – Take the time to increase the knowledge base of your employees. Have employees complete certification and training requirements for the year. With many employees working remote, now is the time to learn new technologies that enable remote monitoring and collaboration.
  2. Review the process line – Look for redundancy and process improvements that can be completed while the line is running at less than 100%. You cannot miss the opportunity to review your process line or hardware.
  3. Software implementation – Virtual demonstrations, as well as strategy and implementation meetings, are all possible and available! We are all working together to get through this pandemic, and continuing business as usual is one way to do so. HanAra offers predictive failure analysis that helps you find potential and hidden failures in your process. Implementation is only a few weeks long, and our customer service engineers work with you well after.
  4. Give back to your community – Conduct virtual volunteer opportunities or make employee pledges possible to improve the environment or provide aide to your local area if possible.

We will all come out of this pandemic together. We are here to help you break through the limitations. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your remote projects.