AUSTIN, Texas – HanAra Software and its parent company BNF Technology are helping the transmission sector on its digitalization journey by providing centralized data monitoring of disparate sources. By supporting IEC 61850, a communication protocol standard for intelligent electronic devices, HanAra’s data historian HanPrism enables transmission organizations improved visibility into their substations.

HanPrism is a high-performing real-time data management solution that collects, archives, visualizes, and analyzes vast amounts of historical and real-time operational data. With HanPrism, a transmission organization has access to substation data at the station level, bay level, and process level for advanced analysis.

Substation Monitoring with HanPrism

By viewing detailed information such as instrument condition, voltage, frequency, and power factor values, transmission users have improved insight into the real-time status of substations as well as historical trends for further evaluation. In addition, HanPrism’s asset management feature enables organizations to manage substation primary and secondary information, including signals, status, alarms, and events through process mimics.

With improved visibility and situational awareness, HanPrism users can make the necessary decisions to ensure substation reliability. HanPrism also facilitates data-informed collaboration as users across the organization have access to the same real-time and historical substation data.

Hojoon Seo, president of HanAra Software, discussed the value the transmission sector can expect when partnering with HanAra. “Understanding your current operating status is key to achieving operational excellence. When equipment is spread throughout and this same equipment is impossible to physically monitor 24/7, substation operators must take advantage of technology to provide them a real-time view into their assets. This improved intelligence around substations enables operators to correct potential issues before they become failures, improving the grid’s overall reliability. With HanAra solutions, the transmission sector can break through the limitations of substation data monitoring.”

About HanAra Software

HanAra connects industry knowledge with innovative technology to provide integrated data management and predictive maintenance solutions. Through the implementation of HanAra solutions, plants yield results including reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and ultimately improved plant safety. HanAra combines solutions with training and care programs to support clients every step of the way.

HanAra is the North American headquarters of South Korean-based BNF Technology. Since 2000, BNF has provided solutions to more than 250 units across two continents to help them achieve operational excellence.