Attending Electric Power Expo?

Come visit us at booth #22 at the expo in Denver, Colorado. Electric Power and POWER magazine will host this conference at the Colorado Convention Center. First, learn how power generation companies in the United States and worldwide leverage our predictive maintenance and data management solutions. Second, understand how our solutions help improve operations, reduce costs, and minimize risks. And finally, learn how our solutions provide the actionable intelligence needed to improve the decision-making process.

The Electric Power Expo promises to provide content and case studies that power generation companies can use at their organizations to improve safety and efficiency. Next, the review of market trends and future market conditions will let these organizations start planning now, rather than when it’s too late. And if you are a part of power generation organization or help these organizations move towards achieving operational excellence, stop by our booth. Because we’d like to learn more.

For more information about our products, check out our HanPrism and HanPHI pages. Also, for more information about the conference, check out the conference website. Finally, if you’re unable to attend this year’s conference, check out the POWER magazine website. The website includes more information on industry trends and future events.