AUSTIN, Texas – HanAra Software, a data management and predictive analytics technology company, has released HanPHI Insight. As a part of HanAra’s machine learning solution, HanAra developed HanPHI Insight to detect hidden anomalies and prevent equipment failure. We understand that engineers, supervisors, and managers need real-time status updates on their equipment health regardless of whether they are at their desks or in the office. HanPHI Insight will enable organizations to identify potential and hidden failures in advance anywhere and at any time using their web browser.

HanPHI Insight: Mobile Advanced Predictive Analytics Solution

In any plant, unscheduled downtime poses a safety and operational risk. With increased lead time to prevent equipment failure, a plant can improve operations and reduce unnecessary losses. HanPHI Insight alerts plants to equipment that needs their attention, serving as a personal assistant for its users.

In addition, it is not enough to know there is an issue; organizations want to know what the issue is as well. With HanPHI’s SuccessTree, a built-in hierarchical representation of the plant, users have an intuitive view of the root cause of the potential issue. This gives plants useful information to implement predictive maintenance strategies.

How We Help

For HanAra, this is how we help industries like power generation, manufacturing, and oil and gas on their digital transformation journeys. Organizations have access to equipment data across their entire fleet. This data can provide needed information at both the field and organization levels. We provide an intuitive and easy-to-understand plant health index. Organizations use HanPHI Insight to expand their maintenance strategies to include machine learning and advanced pattern recognition analysis.

“Technology should fit the user’s world,” Hojoon Seo, president of HanAra Software, said at HanPHI Insight’s release. “Our transition to a web-based solution is to maximize user convenience. To unlock equipment data potential, we used machine learning and advanced pattern recognition technology to give our users a clear understanding of their equipment health. By enabling this same information on the web, our users now will have access to actionable intelligence when and where they need it most.”

About HanAra Software

HanAra Software connects industry knowledge with innovative technology. With this expertise, we provide integrated data management and predictive maintenance solutions for the process industry. Furthermore, through the implementation of HanAra solutions, organizations enjoy reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and improved safety. HanAra Software combines solutions with training and care programs to support customers every step of the way.

HanAra Software is the North American headquarters of South Korean-based BNF Technology. BNF Technology is a professional software development company that provides optimized software solutions for operational management of the process industry. Since 2000, BNF Technology has provided various solutions to more than 250 units across two continents to help them achieve operational excellence.