GCPA Fall 2019 Conference

Come say hi at the GCPA Fall 2019 Conference in Austin, TX, this fall! This event will be Tuesday, October 15th – Wednesday, October 16th, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency in Austin, TX. We are excited to share expertise and discuss best practices for the future of the energy sector. Our powerful data solutions, HanPrism and HanPHI, support the successful operation of the power industry.

According to the event website, the conference will be “This Fall’s Largest ‘Must Attend’ Power Industry Event.” There will be 8 sessions, 4 featured keynotes, and continuous discussion and debates among the 600+ power professionals. The event will draw leading experts from the electric power industry in the ERCOT/Gulf Coast region. And the attendees will be a mixture of members from T&D organizations, government entities, and vendors.

The conference brochure provides more details about the event. And for more information, check out the conference website.

About HanAra Software

HanPrism gives you access to historical and real-time data throughout the entire enterprise and ensures proper data storage without loss. With built-in visualization tools, users focus on insights, not data collection. As a result, organizations can utilize data throughout the organization and at all levels of the decision-making process with HanPrism.

And with our advanced pattern solution HanPHI, you’ll identify degradations in your equipment health before functional failure. This gives you the ability to incorporate predictive maintenance into your overall maintenance strategy to eliminate unscheduled downtime and costly maintenance activities.