Korea South-East Power Company (KOEN) focuses on providing a stable and economical power supply to South Korea. To foster the nation’s innovation and growth, KOEN operates with three guiding principles: cost innovation, process innovation, and field innovation. Through its adoption of advanced technology, KOEN strives to be the global standard of technology adoption in the power generation field. With its 6 power generation complexes, KOEN represents 10% of Korea’s power generation capacity. KOEN operates a mixture of thermal and combined power plants that utilize LNG and coal with some renewable energy sources.

Improved Plant Management

KOEN produces 10,000 MWs of electricity across 5 plants. The power generated represents approximately 10% of South Korea’s annual net electricity.

Since installing HanPHI in 2012, KOEN has proactively managed its plants. With HanPHI, KOEN has increased its annual electricity output and the lifecycle of its assets. Additionally, the fleet of plants has significantly decreased maintenance costs, repair times, fuel usage, and unscheduled downtime.


Power plants commonly manage assets through regular maintenance, repair, and replacement of equipment and systems. However, equipment failure is highly unpredictable when using traditional alarm systems and often results in catastrophic damages to both the equipment and workers. When unscheduled downtime occurs, it takes significant financial and human resources to repair or replace the equipment. On average, power plants experience two to three unscheduled downtimes each year, representing a cost of $50,000 or more. To reduce costs and improve reliability and availability, KOEN needed a better understanding of the current plant status.






Predictive maintenance in a P-F curve

In 2012, KOEN installed HanPHI to proactively manage its plants by capturing valuable information embedded in an ocean of data and using it to predict upcoming and hidden equipment failures based on dynamic evaluations of expected and real-time values. Such discoveries are possible via HanPHI’s patented intelligent predictive modeling technology. Every day, KOEN leverages this innovative solution to achieve operational excellence.

In just over 2 years, HanPHI saved KOEN $4 million in operational and maintenance costs.


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