HanPrism & HanPHI Insights: Live Webinar

HanAra will be hosting our own live webinar!

When: Friday, May 21 from 12:00 – 12:15 CT

How can you move towards becoming a digital plant? By collecting, storing, and analyzing data, the process industry can turn its ocean of data into actionable intelligence.

With a data management system, you have your data in a centralized location so that all levels of the organization can use data in the decision-making process. Our solution HanPrism also ensures that you can quickly and easily analyze historical and real-time data collected from your assets. With a good data management system, you can also take advantage of advanced strategies like predictive maintenance. Our solution HanPHI will alert you of hidden or potential failures in advance.


The reliable data historian is a high-performing real-time data management solution that collects, archives, visualizes, and analyzes vast amounts of historical and real-time operational data. HanPrism collects data from disparate sources in real-time and then archives and manages that highly complex and extensive data without data loss or interruption. The built-in visualization and analysis tools in the enterprise-wide data management system allow you to turn data into actionable intelligence. HanPrism enables various layers of the organization to actively collaborate and gain information anytime and anywhere for effective decision-making. By centralizing your data into one location, the big data enterprise solution allows for the entire organization to collaborate and gain the same valuable insight more effectively.


With HanPHI, your organization can eliminate potential operational risks, extend equipment life cycles, and increase asset reliability, efficiency, and safety all within a limited budget. Our intelligent predictive-modeling and health-indexing technologies make it a powerful solution that has significant benefits for system operations. The advanced pattern recognition software’s early warnings identify areas for predictive maintenance, reducing equipment failures, maintenance costs, and unscheduled downtime. The insightful fault detection software helps make your assets more reliable and your operations run more effectively.

Join this live webinar to hear from HanAra members on:

  • How plants utilize our data management system HanPrism
  • How plants achieve predictive maintenance through our HanPHI solution

See how our solutions HanPrism and HanPHI enable effective management and improved operations in the process industry.


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