Delivering Actionable Intelligence Through Data Management and Collaboration with HanPrism

Korea South-East Power Company (KOEN) focuses on providing a stable and economical power supply to South Korea. To foster the nation’s innovation and growth, KOEN operates with three guiding principles: cost innovation, process innovation, and field innovation. Through its adoption of advanced technology, KOEN strives to be the global standard of technology adoption in the power generation field. With its 6 power generation complexes, KOEN represents 10% of Korea’s power generation capacity. KOEN operates a mixture of thermal and combined power plants that utilize LNG and coal with some renewable energy sources.

Changing Complexity into Actionable Intel

KOEN is one of the largest energy companies in South Korea. KOEN generates electricity both metropolitan areas and rural southern Korea. In total, it generates approximately 10 percent of South Korea’s annual net electricity.


As systems and equipment in process plants become more complex and sophisticated, gaining actionable intelligence from the vast amount of generated data has become a key success factor in the industry. Extracting accurate and meaningful information from their data is what helps KOEN achieve operational excellence.

As they grew, KOEN needed a more advanced solution that provided actionable intelligence for plant operation, business, and
enterprise decisions. And, KOEN needed a solution for enterprise-wide issues.

Key Issues KOEN Needed Resolved

Enterprise-Wide Data Management & Integration

KOEN did not possess adequate software for managing and integrating the vast amounts of data being generated by its many plants, locations, and diverse data sources.

Lack of Data Infrastructure

KOEN needed a data infrastructure for its integrated control and monitoring center based within its headquarters. KOEN’s
headquarters and its plants also needed a data infrastructure to help them better communicate and collaborate, and generate actionable intelligence.

Lack of Collaboration

To best make strategic business decisions, executives need to collaborate with the field level to gain each person’s unique insights and perspectives. However, KOEN did not have an optimized solution in place to provide such a collective base of intel for making key business decisions.

Instead, KOEN was making many of its business decisions based solely upon managerial and executive judgement rather than encompassing the insights of the entire enterprise; particularly those from the field level.

Though there are some solutions that manage operational data for both operators and managers, few of them successfully provide the collaborative capabilities necessary for members to gain truly actionable intelligence.



In 2011, KOEN headquarters and plants installed HanPrism – the fast and precise solution for process plants to draw actionable intelligence from vast and widely dispersed data. HanAra implements an intelligence-centric approach to historian software, creating a powerful and innovative data infrastructure. Such features enable KOEN to utilize an increasing pool of data to achieve operational excellence.


Efficient Enterprise Data Management & Integration

Operational data from each plant was collected and integrated at KOEN’s headquarters through the HanPrism server. Although nearly 35% of the plants are geographically distant from the headquarters, thanks to HanPrism, KOEN easily collects and integrates all the data from each location’s server to improve the reliability and availability of valuable data.

Easy Data Analysis and Sharing

Collaboration among the organization is now much improved thanks to HanPrism. With a proxy server mediating data transmission, each site, as well as headquarters, can now quickly search and retrieve data without impeding the server’s performance. With HanPrism’s superb analysis and visualization tools, KOEN can now share meaningful data whenever and wherever it’s needed. This provides an optimal environment for collaboration, thus achieving actionable intelligence.

Actionable Intelligence Through Analysis Tools

HanPrism is a highly flexible software that provides a bridge to external applications. Data processed by HanPrism constantly delivers real-time and historical data and collaborates with ERP, predictive analytics systems, and performance monitoring systems. KOEN has been successful in gaining actionable intelligence that leads to effective business decisions.

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Delivering Actionable Intelligence at KOEN

Delivering Actionable Intelligence Through Data Management and Collaboration with HanPrism Korea South-East Power Company (KOEN) focuses on providing a stable and economical power supply to South Korea. To foster the nation’s innovation and growth, [...]

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