Attending IDEA2021 in person or virtually?

Come visit with us during IDEA’s annual conference IDEA2021 that connects district energy experts and leaders across the United States and globe. This year’s conference will take place in Austin, Texas, where HanAra is headquartered! We look forward to inviting other IDEA members to our hometown to discuss best practices and what the future holds for district energy, CHP, and microgrids. Schedule an appointment (or drop by our booth) to discuss how organizations use our data management and predictive analytics solution to improve operations and reduce unexpected equipment failure, unplanned maintenance, and outage time. Whether you are attending in person or virtually, HanAra is ready to start a discussion with you about how we can help your organization achieve operational excellence!

This year, we are also sponsoring a CHP/District Energy Master Class given by one of our customers, Juan Ontiveros from UT-Austin, during IDEA2021. Juan has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, so don’t miss out on IDEA’s inaugural Master Class.

For more information about our products, check out our HanPrism and HanPHI pages. Also, for more information about IDEA2021, check out the conference website. And check back with us later for some tips and tricks to Austin for those attending the conference in person!