AUSTIN, Texas — HanAra Software is a data management and predictive analytics solutions provider for process plant management. The company has recently formed a strategic partnership agreement with Houston-based Machine Saver. The collaboration brings together Machine Saver’s vibration sensors with HanAra software to provide plant environments with enhanced early-warning detection throughout the plant.

Win-Win Partnership Agreement

HanAra Software, the US subsidiary of South Korean-based BNF Technology, has entered a valuable partnership with Machine Saver. They will utilize the Machine Saver hardware sensors with the HanPrism solution to collect data and provide greater visualization of the vibration data. Furthermore, HanAra’s HanPHI software can then incorporate the vibration sensor data and provide early warnings of potential system issues all the way down to the equipment level.

Machine Saver provides industrial vibration sensors. They are cutting-edge, condition-based monitoring sensors to detect problems with equipment before failure. In addition, combined with HanAra’s software solutions, these tools offer plant reliability engineers, managers, and operators real-time information. Together they allow any plant to achieve operational excellence and virtually eliminate potential failures through actionable intelligence.

“HanAra Software products collect data and analyze for the root cause of anomalies all the way to the sensor level,” said HanAra CEO and President Hojoon Seo. “And Machine Saver provides one of the more advanced sensors on the market. Moreover, through this partnership, we are working together to give plant management the most advanced data and intelligence they need to fully protect their operation.”

About HanAra Software

HanAra Software connects industry knowledge with innovative technology to provide integrated data management and predictive maintenance solutions for process plant management. Through the implementation of HanAra solutions, plants enjoy results including reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and ultimately improved plant safety. HanAra Software combines solutions with training and care programs to support clients every step of the way.

HanAra Software is the North American headquarters of South Korean-based BNF Technology. BNF Technology is a professional software development company that provides optimized software solutions for the operational management of process plants. Coal-fired, combined-cycle, seawater desalination, and petrochemical plants use our solutions. Further, for more than 17 years, BNF Technology has provided various solutions to more than 150 units across two continents to help them achieve operational excellence.

About Machine Saver

Machine Saver is based in Houston, Texas. They manufacture and install cutting-edge vibration monitoring solutions for reliable machine protection and condition monitoring. The Machine Saver solution allows reliability engineers and maintenance professionals to easily monitor their critical and non-critical balance of plant equipment. Furthermore, the company is centered around a smart and addressable tri-axial sensor. Machine Saver’s product line includes the VTB-Net Sensor, the 2016 Breakout Product of the Year by Processing Magazine.