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Preventative Maintenance plans have traditionally been a drawn-out process of gathering and documenting actual in-field failures of instruments or equipment and keeping meticulous logs of details including the type of failure, the corrective action, and responsible team member. Organizations further distill these corrective actions and failure reports to produce a list of the most common failure types and the necessary replacement parts. Additionally, OEMs may also recommend an inspection or calibration schedule to maintain their equipment at the most optimal process condition. This represents a significant amount of generated data, inspections, and part replacement that may not be necessary. Luckily, there is a better way.

A Predictive Maintenance (PdM) strategy includes the use of sensor data that is captured, stored, and provided to the enterprise to understand the current equipment operation and status in a quick and reliable graphical representation. Predictive analytics provide your team alerts and visualization when a critical process begins to deviate from normal operating procedure and well before it enters the processing alarm state. And this allows your team to gather the parts, instruments, equipment, and personnel needed in advance. With PdM insight, you can schedule proactive maintenance activities to avoid a potentially catastrophic failure.

The benefits of PdM outweigh the cost. Maintenance plans based on the asset or equipment condition, not a schedule, can reduce unnecessary part replacement, downtime, and costs. Since 89% of failures are random and do not benefit from time-based maintenance activities, organizations need more to their maintenance strategy than reactive and preventive maintenance. With predictive maintenance organizations can increase safety and reliability to shareholders, so why is everyone not doing this?

Operational and PdM Insight

To answer that question, we asked Pavan Khatri, an operations expert with a vast knowledge of the asset reliability in both midstream oil and pharmaceutical production. Mr. Khatri currently works as an asset reliability consultant and was quick to point out that the most important aspect of any software is the immediate value it can provide. Unfortunately, in Mr. Khatri’s many years of experience, he has witnessed company heads who do not fully understand how simply an integration and migration of data could be a paradigm shift to their revenue reliability and actionable intel to their team. There are several like-minded and well-intentioned business heads that are looking for a valuable product to shift them to higher orbitals of investment returns between economic cycles.

Mr. Khatri points out the most common questions and concerns he has encountered are:

  1. How does this software fit into my existing hardware?
  2. Are the communication protocols going to work? What about with my older systems?
  3. I do not have extra personnel to devote to a software migration project—how difficult is this?
  4. I have a limited budget that needs to be used to make the largest impact to production. Will this provide the bang for the buck I need?

According to Mr. Khatri, these questions should not stop organizations from investigating and implementing new automation technology. For HanAra, the answers to these questions are simple. HanAra Software prides itself on speed, ease of use, and customer care. This is true for daily operations but also for its implementation including the ability to communicate with many legacy systems. Best of all, HanAra is scalable—we can provide your team the knowledge to break through your limitations. At HanAra you are not a number, you are a partner.

Expert Advice

Mr. Khatri’s advice to plant owners and stakeholders—use this time to implement new projects such as the HanAra Predictive Analytics and Data Management software solutions, HanPHI and HanPrism. When life and work return to normal, you can gain agility over your competitors by emerging faster and stronger.

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HanAra Software provides PdM insight to assist facilities in managing multiple plants and assets. With our solutions, we help organizations reduce potentially disruptive events, prepare for changing conditions, assess long-term trends. All of this enables organizations to become more resilient over time. Set up your demo today!

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