AUSTIN, Texas – HanAra Software and its parent company BNF Technology are working with power generation sites to improve plant performance through its solution HanTops. HanTops is a real-time performance system that tracks power plant and equipment degradation. HanTops monitors plant and equipment performance using real-time plant operational data. It accurately calculates plant and equipment performance based on ASME PTC for thermal and combined-cycle power plants.

By partnering with HanAra and leveraging HanTops, power generation organizations can:

  • Analyze controllable loss and identify equipment degradation
  • Optimize thermal efficiency by analyzing plant data
  • Schedule preventive or predictive maintenance to improve plant performance
  • Visualize data in real time and historically for quick analysis
  • Share identical information throughout the organization for better communication and decision-making

In HanTops, users have access to modeling and simulation features and signal validation and reconciliation plant performance calculations. It also includes performance diagnosis, cost-benefit analysis, and reporting tools. With improved insight into site performance from HanTops, organizations optimize their processes and make data-influenced decisions. Combined with HanAra suite of software, power generation organizations have the right data and information where they need it and when they need it.

Hojoon Seo, president of HanAra Software, discussed the value the power generation sector can expect when partnering with HanAra. “From our data historian to our plant health index and from our control and monitoring system to our plant performance solution, our goal is to provide actionable intelligence to our customers that results in improved reliability and availability and reduced cost and safety risks. By ensuring our solutions provide the necessary information to our users quickly and easily, our users can focus on what they do best. HanTops, our plant performance solution gives power generation sites real-time intelligence, enabling organizations to clearly understand the current performance and identify areas for improvement.”

About HanAra Software

HanAra connects industry knowledge with innovative technology to provide integrated data management and predictive maintenance solutions. Through the implementation of HanAra solutions, plants yield results including reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and ultimately improved plant safety. HanAra combines solutions with training and care programs to support clients every step of the way.

HanAra is the North American headquarters of South Korean-based BNF Technology. Since 2000, BNF has provided solutions to more than 250 units across two continents to help them achieve operational excellence.