Last week the HanAra team participated in our first PowerGen conference since 2019 just up the road from our headquarters in Austin in Dallas, Texas. It brought together industry experts and solution providers from across the United States and globe to discuss innovative and effective solutions in the power generation sector. Unlike past PowerGen events for HanAra, this year’s conference was collocated with DistribuTech, bringing transmission and distribution members to the same location.

After a few days of engaging discussions and sessions, HanAra came away with three PowerGen takeaways:

We all share the common goal of reliable and affordable electricity.

Whether you are a vertically integrated electric utility, an independent power producer, or a technology producer like HanAra, we all have (or should have) the same goal of providing reliable and affordable electricity to customers. And the reason is simple: electricity is a key pillar to everyone’s lives.

At HanAra, our mission is to improve the world’s infrastructure through our software and services. We believe that by partnering with our customers to gain insight from their sensor data, they can focus on what they do best: operating power sites. With our solutions HanPrism and HanPHI, power generation organizations can use its real-time and historical data to evaluate what happened in the past, what is happening now, and what will happen in the future.

With the right insights, organizations can improve operations and reliability to ensure all people have access to reliable and affordable electricity.

We need innovative thinking in the industry to overcome interconnected challenges.

The power generation industry unfortunately faces a wide range of obstacles and challenges now and in the future. From an aging workforce to supply chain issues. From environmental changes due to climate change to aging equipment and infrastructure. And from cybersecurity concerns to budget cuts. Organizations face complex challenges that will only be solved through innovative and holistic thinking and execution.

To make matters more difficult, these challenges don’t exist in a vacuum. Instead, they mingle together to create complex and ever-moving risks. For example, the interplay between aging infrastructure and environmental changes creates increased risk. In this case, extreme temperature changes coupled with aging equipment results in an increased risk for equipment failure.

But the expectation is that the power generation industry will find a solution for this myriad of challenges. Why? Because we all share the common goal of reliable and affordable electricity. Luckily, at PowerGen this year we had many conversations with organizations and people who are ready and willing to work together to improve the industry.

The future is bright but we must partner together.

During the opening session of PowerGen on Monday, we heard from the US Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. During their presentation, they highlighted 3 main needs for the industry: insights, investment, and partnership. All three are critical to the future of the industry and for HanAra partnership rang especially true.

As a solution provider, we can become hyper-focused on what we do: data management and predictive analytics. Our technology requires focus and expertise, but through partnerships we see execution, improvements, and innovation. To properly operate and manage a site, our solutions are necessary but not sufficient. Other solution providers are in the same boat. This patchwork of solution providers and experts requires then for us to work together.

That’s what HanAra finds exciting about attending conferences like PowerGen and being in the industry in general. The potential of the industry and its members is huge. And the actions we take and the partnerships we create today will determine that potential.

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