PowerGen Connect 2021

Come visit us at PowerGen Connect! We will be part of the PowerGen Connect virtual summit this spring put on by PowerGen International.

This event is Monday, Jun 7 – Friday, Jun 11, and will bring together power generation experts to discuss best practices and lessons learned. Industry leaders will be sharing their valuable insights on the power generation industry. If you are a utilities or power generator organization or help these organizations move towards achieving operational excellence, check out our virtual booth and learn more.

PowerGen International

PowerGen Connect is brought to you by PowerGen International. The global business organization is a networking hub for the power generation industry. Electric power generators and solution providers gain valuable time to meet one another and discuss new solutions and sustainable energy business models. Energy professionals share valuable lessons learned as well as thoughts on future trends and future possible opportunities.

For more information about PowerGen, visit their website.

Find Out More

Schedule an appointment to discuss how power generation organizations use our data historian and advanced pattern recognition solutions. With our help, power utilities improve operations and reduce unexpected equipment failure, unplanned maintenance, and outage time.

For more information about our products, check out our HanPrism and HanPHI pages.