Attending the PowerGen+ Series Webinar?

Making the Modern Plant Digital, Safer, and More Predictable – Live and On Demand by PowerGen and Power Engineering! 

We are excited to be co-hosting a session during the PowerGen+ Series on Wednesday, April 28, called “Making the Modern Plant Digital, Safer, and More Predictable.” Join us for our session with Juan Ontiveros from UT-Austin where we’ll discuss how you can leverage tools available to improve operations and reduce equipment failure. Learn about one of the largest US university microgrids, their use of technology, and their working and organizational culture of improvement. 

About UT-Austin

The University of Texas at Austin campus operates one of North America’s largest and most innovative campus energy plants. The Carl J. Eckhardt Complex includes a combined heat and power (CHP) plant with a 135-MW power capacity. The operations provides 100 percent of the electricity, air conditioning, and heating to the University’s main campus. The campus is a 431-acre site serving over 70,000 students, faculty, and staff.

The single largest electrical load on campus is the 60,000-ton chilled water cooling system. This system provides air conditioning to the campus, which has reached peak demand of 33,000 tons. This campus-energy system includes four chilling stations and 9.5-million-gallon chilled thermal water storage tanks.

About PowerGen+

The PowerGen+ webinar series has been successful so far “with some 3,801 people joining the POWERGEN+ community, attending sessions over five months, doing meetings, [and] furthering the goal of working together to provide strong and resilient electricity around the world,” as stated by Power Engineering in their article “Black & Veatch, Entergy, CPV and HanAra among those speaking in April POWERGEN+ on Optimizing Plant Performance.” We look forward to sharing our expertise with our fellow session participants.

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