HanAlarm: Alarm Management & Display

HanAlarm monitors all sensor signals based on pre-defined alarm setpoints and generates an alarm if the sensor value exceeds the pre-defined alarm setpoint or the event signal is in the alarm condition. It helps to notify the operating personnel of any issue through an intuitive alarm display. This solution gives user a picture of the overall alarm structure as well as detailed information on specific points.

It is an advanced application that generates and manages the plant alarms as per their assets. Multiple plant assets can be integrated into HanAlarm for an enterprise-wide view. In addition, with this application users can directly link alarms to quick trends that display real-time and historical data of any tag for further troubleshooting and root-cause analysis.

HanAlarm monitors:

  • Analog Signal Alarms
  • Sequence of Events
  • Plant Annunciation Alarms
  • System Status Overview
  • Diagnosis List

HanAlarm Features


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