HanPHI: Advanced Pattern Recognition Solutions

Our intelligent predictive-modeling and health-indexing technologies make HanPHI a powerful solution that has significant benefits for system operations. Early warnings identify areas for predictive maintenance, reducing maintenance costs, unscheduled downtime, and equipment failures. With HanPHI, you can eliminate potential operational risks, extend equipment life cycles, and increase asset reliability, efficiency, and safety all within a limited budget.

Model Builder and Executer
The HanPHI Builder builds prediction models through a machine learning algorithm and advanced pattern recognition using historical, fault-free normal operation data. Users can retrain models based on time duration, resolution, and user-defined criteria to ensure an accurate prediction model.

Health Index
The health index is based on the difference between real-time data and the expected model data. The index is for the whole operation including selected major systems, equipment, and signals. The intuitive index from 0 to 100% gives any member in the organization a clear understanding of the current status of equipment or site. Learn More.

The SuccessTree provides hierarchical groups of systems, subsystems, and signals to represent health status indices from the operations level to the individual sensor. The SuccessTree automatically tracks a signal with the lowest index affecting the overall index, enabling fast and effective root cause analysis. Learn More.

Early Warnings
HanPHI’s early detection provides early warning for preventing and reducing equipment failure. It provides indication of systems’ abnormalities to avoid equipment failure through planned outages. Learn More.