HanPrism: Data Historian



A single HanPrism server can support a maximum of 800,000 but is expandable up to 40,000,000 in a distributed mode.

The gateway can communicate with 128 systems simultaneously.

The gateway can process a maximum of 1 million tags.

HanPrism is a monitoring software solution. It only reads the data from DCS via an OPC interface. It does not send any control commands to your DCS system.

The number of user accounts is not limited by HanPrism.

The HanPrism gateway keeps 1 month of data in buffer. If the network fails, when you re-connect, the gateway will automatically update the existing data in its buffer to the historian engine.

No. We only support one-way network configuration from the gateway to the HanPrism server. Nothing can be sent from the HanPrism server to the data source.

HanPrism can get data via OPC connectivity or directly collect data from the DCS, SCADA, or PLC through driver interfaces.

Yes, we provide HanPrism Insight, which supports a web browser and soon all mobile devices.

Yes, we have developed special tools to convert your existing data into the HanPrism data structure without loss.

The data scan intervals are: event data minimum 1 ms, analog data minimum 10 ms.


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