HanPrism Substation: Centralized Data Management for Substations

HanPrism Substation provides you with accurate insights into current operations of your substations in one centralized location. Easily collaborate across your enterprise with various detailed views and analysis options that understand the challenges and obstacles specific to substation monitoring.






Station Level Mimic
Provides substation-level data at a glance for additional analysis and diagnosis. Zoom features, page navigation, and alarm display ensure users can have overall insight into the substation and drill down into additional layers of information.

Bay Level Mimic
View detailed information about an individual bay including instrument condition, voltage, current, frequency, and power factor values. Displays protection signal indication from the bay IEDs and enables navigation to IED details.

Measurement Report
Access a dashboard to see a summary of the substation, including all bay level critical parameters. The quick trend capability for each parameters allows users to investigate in more detail current and historical operations.

Alarm and Events
View the generated alarms on abnormal situations with Sequence of Events (SOE) and maintain records of what occurred and steps taken. Alarms can be linked with the process mimics to visualize the cause of the alarm.

Additional Capabilities
Provides health monitoring of transformer and GIS equipment (includes Duval Triangle), substation SLD, GOOSE View (matrix, info, and message), asset management, SPACS monitoring, fault and disturbance management, COMTRADE analysis, and various views (fault, RMS, harmonics, and phase).

HanPrism Use

Ways to use HanPrism

Implementing a data historian can be a simple process when partnering with a good data historian provider. At HanAra, our historian experts ensure the HanPrism implementation is quick and easy so you make data-informed decisions from the start.


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