HanPHI Implementation

HanAra’s Implementation Process: Simple and Straightforward

HanPHI provides you with actionable intelligence about your equipment to improve operations and reduce safety risks. From day 1, our predictive maintenance tool will provide you with needed insight into your equipment health status.

We partner with our customers to ensure a simple and straightforward predictive analytics implementation. Let our experts support you on your digital transformation journey.

What We Need


What We Do


Continued PdM Maintenance

Since the value of HanPHI comes from it reflecting your real-time operating status, you may need to make changes post-implementation. HanPHI provides built-in tools and features to help you:

  • Add or remove tags
  • Confirm data quality and connections
  • Back up data and verify sufficient server storage
  • Retrain models when:
    • You replaced a piece of equipment
    • You completed a plant overhaul
    • You significantly changed your process
    • There were significant environmental changes

HanPHI Customer Story

To reduce unexpected equipment failures, unplanned maintenance activities, and outage time, UT Austin chose HanAra Software’s HanPHI solution as its condition-based predictive monitoring solution.


The HanAra can-do attitude is amazing. Throughout the entire process of installation and configurations, they were dedicated to our outcomes. Not only did they hear what we said, but they also applied it, and improved the product.

The HanAra Implementation Difference


Fully Engineered Models

During implementation, our experts will create all required models for HanPHI. This save you time and energy and takes advantage of our engineers experience implementing advanced pattern recognition solutions across the globe.


Equipment Specific Value

After reviewing your system and site, our experts design the SuccessTree and models based on how you operate your equipment and how you organize your system. This ensures that HanPHI provides accurate and meaningful health indexes of your assets.


Organization-Wide Use

Designed to be easy-to-use, our experts ensure all layers of the organization can take advantage of HanPHI insights in their day-to-day. This means a dedicated training program to fit your needs.

Ready to know your equipment health status 24/7?