HanPrism Implementation

HanAra’s Implementation Process: Simple and Straightforward

As a data historian, HanPrism provides you with the necessary data visualizations to understand where you’ve been and where you are. As a centralized data management solution, all users have access to equipment data when they need it and where they need it.

Implementing a data historian can be a simple process when partnering with a good data historian provider. At HanAra, our historian experts ensure the HanPrism implementation is quick and easy so you make data-informed decisions from the start.

What We Need


What We Do


Continued Historian Maintenance

Our engineers will provide a fully functional historian from day 1. To maintain your data historian, HanPrism provides built-in tools and features to help you:

  • Add or remove tags
  • Confirm data quality and connections through HanPrism Tag Management
  • Back up data and verify sufficient server storage

HanPrism Customer Story

Regardless of whether you are replacing a legacy centralized historian or this is your first centralized data historian, our historian experts will guide you during the implementation to ensure a smooth and successful transition. Check out some of our customer case studies to see why they switched and the value HanPrism provides for all layers of the organization.

Tired of missing data and slow data retrieval and reporting?