Continued support for data management & predictive analytics

To ensure our solutions meet the requirements of your ever-changing environment, HanAra provides the HanAra Customer Program. The yearly HanAra Customer Care Program is a comprehensive service that includes basic software maintenance and advanced support for operational efficiency. The yearly program includes Maintenance and Support (M&S) for all HanAra Solutions for one year for all users.

Continuous Software Performance Improvement

Improve and modernize software performance and functionality by ensuring your tools are up-to-date and your software experience remains at the highest quality.

Ensure existing software is at to the latest version to improve business intelligence. This gives you access to improved performance, enhanced security, and new features.

Rapid Response and Reliable Operations

Quickly resolve obstacles with the HanAra support team to ensure reliable operation and software usage.

Solve software operational issues that occur in day-to-day operations. We’ll work with you via phone, email, real-time online consultation, and remote support. Our goal is to solve your queries and problems as quickly and accurately as possible.

Optimal Tech Environment to Improve Efficiency

Save time and resources with HanAra support so you can focus on your priorities and operations and improve user satisfaction by providing training and know-how.

For easy use and management of our upgrades and updates, we provide training in a variety of forms and materials. The training by the HanAra Customer Care Program allows users and administrators to learn and effectively apply our solutions.


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