Let’s throw it back to when we received our patent!

July 10, 2018 was an important day for HanAra. It was the day we received a US predictive maintenance patent for our root-cause analysis feature, the SuccessTree. The SuccessTree is a part of our predictive analytics software solution, HanPHI.

Predictive Maintenance Patent: the SuccessTree

So what is the SuccessTree? It’s a hierarchical representation of the plant system, subsystems, and sensors. It displays the health status index from the plant level down to the individual sensors in a logic tree format. This allows users to quickly and easily monitor their systems and drill down to potential and hidden failures.

One of the many advantages of predictive maintenance is to know when a piece of equipment is causing an issue in a plant. There are different tools out there, but with HanPHI and our SuccessTree, you can leverage plant-wide monitoring. With the power of root-cause analysis, it is easy to know at a glance the sensor reducing the overall health index of the plant. This reduces time spent trying to figure out what is wrong with a piece of equipment and saves time fixing the issue. This is how HanPHI helps organizations optimize operations, allowing you to focus on what’s important and not on fixing what doesn’t need maintenance.

How It Works

The predictive maintenance patent relates to how the health index rates the importance of components within the system. For instance, when a current component operating behavior deviates from its normal operating range, the abnormal condition of the current component influences the overall health index based on its importance. This level of notification allows for convenient and easy monitoring of the plant condition based on only the health index of the uppermost level.

Just by viewing the home screen on HanPHI, users know instantly the overall health plant index. This gives all members of an organization insight into how the plant is currently running, but we don’t stop there.  All of the guess work is taken out with the help of the SuccessTree. With a hierarchical representation of the plant, there is no longer a question as to what is bringing down the plant’s health score. This allows for actionable intelligence in an instant, helping organizations achieve operational excellence.

For more information, check out our full press release!