1012, 2018

HanPrism and HanPHI Demo: How to Improve Plant Operations

Live Webinar: Tuesday, October 16 at 11:30 CT

How can you move towards becoming a digital plant? By collecting, storing, and analyzing data, the process industry can turn their ocean of data into actionable intelligence.

With a data management system, you have your data in a centralized location so that all levels of the organization can use data in the decision-making process. Our solution HanPrism also ensures that you can quickly and easily analyze historical and real-time data collected from your assets. With a good data management system, you can also take advantage of advanced strategies like predictive maintenance. Our solution HanPHI will alert you of hidden or potential failures in advance.

Join this webinar to hear from HanAra members on:

– How plants utilize our data management systems HanPrism
– How plants achieve predictive maintenance through our HanPHI solution

See how our solutions HanPrism and HanPHI enable effective management and improved operations in the process industry.

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