HanPHI: A Simple and Effective Predictive Maintenance Tool

HanPHI, our plant health index, allows you to monitor the condition of all your equipment quickly, identifying anomalies across assets and providing early warnings of impending equipment failures days, weeks, or months in advance. This intelligent software learns, models, and analyzes data to provide actionable early warnings to plant operators, engineers, and managers before a catastrophic failure occurs. To provide meaningful intelligence, HanPHI uses unsupervised machine learning, advanced pattern recognition, and historical data.


Typical Real-Time Processing (Second)
Model Refresh Rate for 1,000 Tags (Milliseconds)
Tags Per Individual HanPHI Server
Systems/Equipment Per Model
Client Response Speed (Milliseconds)

Model Builder and Executer
The HanPHI Builder builds prediction models through a machine learning algorithm and advanced pattern recognition using historical, fault-free normal operation data. Users can retrain models based on time duration, resolution, and user-defined criteria to ensure an accurate prediction model.

Health Index
The health index is based on the difference between real-time data and the expected model data. The index is for the whole operation including selected major systems, equipment, and signals. The intuitive index from 0 to 100% gives any member in the organization a clear understanding of the current status of equipment or site. Learn More.

The SuccessTree provides hierarchical groups of systems, subsystems, and signals to represent health status indices from the operations level to the individual sensor. The SuccessTree automatically tracks a signal with the lowest index affecting the overall index, enabling fast and effective root cause analysis. Learn More.

Early Warnings
HanPHI’s early detection provides early warning for preventing and reducing equipment failure. It provides indication of systems’ abnormalities to avoid equipment failure through planned outages. Learn More.

Advanced pattern recognition features



The beauty of HanPHI is that it reflects your operations in your environment. To ensure HanPHI continues to provide meaningful insights, HanPHI includes built-in tools for simplified management and maintenance. These tools help ensure maintainability, reliability and availability. Some ways HanPHI helps include:

  • Automated Grouping: tag correlation tool to identify related tags and sensors automatically
  • Mass Customizations: update settings in mass including the health index, sensitivity factor, and design
  • User Settings: designate user access and options based on user and organizational needs

Ways to use HanPHI

From day 1, our predictive maintenance tool will provide you with needed insight into your equipment health status. We partner with our customers to ensure a simple and straightforward predictive analytics implementation. Let our experts support you on your digital transformation journey.

Ways to use HanPHI

The value of HanPHI is that it represents the current operating status of your equipment, systems, plant, and fleet. By using the historical normal, fault-free data to create models, you have a better understanding of how your equipment operates in your environment and in your process.

Ways to use HanPHI

HanPHI provides a plant health index to give you early warnings of potential and hidden equipment failures. Since HanPHI is comparing real-time values to HanPHI expected values, it also alerts you of potential sensor issues, including mismapped sensors, helping you improve overall sensor quality.


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