HanPrism: Fast Data Management Solution

HanPrism, an industrial big data analytics software solution, collects, processes, archives, and analyzes large-scale data from process plants and factories. Our solution supports the OPC UA/DA international standard protocols and interfaces with existing automation systems (DCS, PLC) and other information systems (MES, ERP). This ensures detailed analysis of the necessary data in a centralized data management system.


Event Data Storage Interval (Millisecond)
Analog Data Storage Interval (Milliseconds)
Plus Tags Per HanPrism Server
Tags Per Single Server
User Query Data Connections
Client Response (Milliseconds)


Access and monitor real-time and historical operation data anywhere, anytime using process graphics and trend charts. HanPrism has easy-to-use pre-engineered tools for analysis and report generation of operational data.

Mimics and Mimic Player
View data in a graphic depiction of operations. Users can replay the data from any time in the past to the current time with variable replay speed. By viewing previous events or incidents through historical data on the process graphics, operators have a better understanding of the current and historical operating condition.

HanAra Spreadsheet
Read current values, instantaneous values, archived data, sample data, integral values, ROC, and events in Excel. Build the report templates in Excel and update the data with a single click.

Script Editor
Create your own expressions or use built-in mathematical functions with real-time data to perform complex calculations. Script tags are added into the database so you have access to the script tags throughout the system.

Alarm Management
View the generated alarms on abnormal situations with Sequence of Events (SOE) and maintain records of what occurred and steps taken. Alarms can be linked with the process mimics to visualize the cause of the alarm.

HanAra Dashboard and Insight
Visualize operational information with customized dashboard pages and view real-time and historical data on any web browser or mobile device (Android and iOS apps).

HanPrism Use

Ways to use HanPrism

Implementing a data historian can be a simple process when partnering with a good data historian provider. At HanAra, our historian experts ensure the HanPrism implementation is quick and easy so you make data-informed decisions from the start.


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