Come visit us at booth #303 at the TMAC 2019 Smart Manufacturing Conference in Dallas.

Learn how our customers use HanAra’s data management solution HanPrism and predictive maintenance solution HanPHI to turn its data into actionable intelligence.

About HanAra

As a centralized data historian, HanPrism allows you to view the same information throughout the organization. This level of access ensures data availability regardless of location. Beyond data access, users can compare data over different periods for greater insight into operations. With built-in analysis and visualization tools, users view the right information at the right time. And HanPrism is fast. HanPrism lets you see a decade’s worth of data displayed in seconds. In addition, with alarm management, users can view alarm statuses, acknowledge alarms, and review historical alarms for improved root-cause analysis.

To complement HanPrism, HanAra offers HanPHI, our plant health index. An easy-to-follow health index provides facility-wide status monitoring. HanPHI creates the health index on the real-time condition of equipment, not averages or manufacturing specs. This robust solution offers user-friendly root-cause analysis through advanced pattern recognition technology and unsupervised machine learning.

About TMAC

TMAC has one mission, and that’s to “deliver hands-on business management, technology and operations solutions to a wide range of businesses, including manufacturing, distribution, logistics, construction, health care and government.” They have “a wide array of services that accelerate profitable growth by developing and improving profits, products, processes, technologies and people.” Their “focus areas include Strategic Management, Technology and Operations.”

For more details on TMAC, visit their website. And for more information about the event, check out the TMAC 2019 conference website.