HanPHI Pilot

Identifying potential and hidden failures in advance

HanPHI Difference

HanPHI Pilot Goal

Evaluate the capability and value of HanPHI to provide meaningful and actionable early warnings of potential and hidden failures at your organization in your environment.

HanPHI Pilot Experience

  • 6-Week Pilot: HanPHI Client & Insight
  • 500 tag database with 1-year of data conversion
  • Interface with a max of 1 communication protocol
  • 2 Concurrent Users
  • 1– hour online training + HanPHI manuals

HanPHI Review

Confirm HanPHI’s ability to work with your systems and environment, validate the ease-of-use of built-in features and collaboration tools, review HanPHI early warnings and root cause analysis, and check user access and scalability.

  • Week 1: ability to work with systems and environment
  • Week 2: built-in features and collaboration tools
  • Week 3: early warnings and root-cause analysis
  • Week 4: user access and scalability potential
  • Week 5: day-to-day incorporation
  • Week 6: next steps

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